Five Years From Now…

I will be nine years old.  It will be after I’m done with kindergarten and 1st grade and 2nd grade and 3rd grade and 4th grade and 5th grade and 6th grade and 7th grade and 8th grade and 9th grade and all those grades.

I will know everything.  I will even know what all the insects look like, and what all the bamboo monkeys look like.  Bamboo monkeys eat bamboo, just like pandas, except they are monkeys.

I want to rename myself. To “Ruth”!  How do you spell “Ruth?”  I won’t be “Esmé” anymore!

I would help people.  If someone fell into a very large hole, I would get a very large rope that’s taller than the hole, and then I would hold it, and then I would tell the woman or the man to hold onto it and climb up. 

Or if it was a cat that needed help, I would rescue it.  If it was up in the tree, I would throw the rope up on the tree, with the loop around a branch, and if the cat was on a branch, I would tell it to climb down.

In five years, I’m going to have children, and Mom will be my children’s grandma.

MamaBlogga Group Writing Project


Healthy & Happy said...

Wow Esmé, it is going to be fun! I think your Daddy's been teaching you about using the acceleration peddle and forgot to teach you about using the gears, brakes and such! Maybe we'll be traveling light years through galaxies then!

Jordan McCollum said...

Hey, great math skills, Esmé! 4+5=9

Helping people is such a great goal! Thanks for helping me (and your mom) out with this project! I hope all of your dreams for the next five years come true some day (I think your mom might be uncomfortable with you becoming a mother at nine).