Illustration of the Day


This is a monster and a giant potato.  The monster pulled at the big potato with a dead bird’s claw until it became small (see the upper left corner).

Just like in a farmer story, where somebody planted a giant potato.  The monster was almost the potato’s size.

The monster is mad because he’s upset about his potato.  It is raining on the monster.  He is a water monster.

He didn’t get a name ever since he was a baby.  He’s gonna be a teenager.  He’s 19 years old, so he’s a teenager.

For fun, he likes to kick, hit, and push.  That’s all the stuff he does.  That’s a mean monster.  He can scratch, too.  See his claws?


(Esmé drew this on the back of her reading worksheet instead of doing the worksheet as instructed…)


ShEiLa said...

I think I felt like this monster... and this potato at different times yesterday.

I love kids drawings... and the stories that go along with them.


Healthy & Happy said...

Esmé, i'm glad that the big mean teenager monster lives far away. Does he live across the ocean? I hope he doesn't live near me either. I did see a bird with claws on my windowsill this morning...