100 Questions, Part 2

Our next serving of Hot Chocolate With God answers coming right up…

11) What do you want for your birthday this year?

Is it my birthday already?  Let me think.  You can ask me again.

12) Do you share the same birthday with anyone else in your family or anyone else you know?  If you do, who?

Maybe when I turn 5, maybe I will [share the same birthday].  But not right now.  I can’t wait til I turn 5!  And then my feet are gonna be maybe THIS wide and THIS tall!

13) Weight and height at birth?

7 1/2 lbs, 20 inches

14) Did you have a lot of hair when you were born or were you bald?

I think I had a little bit of hair.

15) Hair color when you were born – and right now?

I think it was kind of a little brown.  Now it’s brownish blonde.  It’s turning blonde right now!  I can’t wait til my hair turns blonde!

16) Eye color?


17) Who else in your family has the same eye color that you have?

My [stuffed] puppy – when her eyes turn blue.  But they’re usually brown.

18) Are you having fun answering these questions?


19) What time were you born?

I don’t even know.  [Mom inserts here:  1 a.m.]

20) Where were you born?


11)  Back to that birthday wish thing again:

The beautifullest thing that I want is GOLD paint.  I would paint my schoolhouse with it.  Gold is my favorite color. 

[Mom inserts here:  I thought pink was your favorite color.]

Yeah.  It’s gold-pink.  Gold means shiny.  I want my schoolhouse to be shiny pink.